6 ways to self-care + take a mental health day

6 ways to self-care (3)

Happy February, everyone!

As I start writing this post, I’m watching an Alfie Deyes blog, and remembering his famous quote: do more of what makes you happy. When I was writing goals for 2018, I always kept this quote in mind. Even though 2018 has just begun, I have a feeling that this year will be the year that I do more of what makes me happy. I’ve only been to class one day this week due to snow, but I’m using these off-days wisely to self-care, release stress, and re-energize for whenever I do go back to classes. I’ve been drinking more water. Listening to new music. Re-vamping my art journal. Learning to let go. Cherishing those around me. All of these were goals for 2018, and it’s a great feeling to know I’ve already accomplished a few of my goals for this year. Winter is the perfect time to self-care because on cold days, we need a little down time…or at least time to ourselves to rejuvenate. Here are six tips that I’ve been following weekly (if not daily) on my self-care journey. 

1. Shower

This may sound weird, but showering is so refreshing. And in the shower, you don’t have to just shower. You can wash your hair. Exfoliate your skin. Take off a face mask. There’s so many things that you can do in the shower for self-care. Hoping that I’m not the only one, but if I don’t have a shower until late in the day, I feel so gross and that I’ve wasted my day. But, showering in the morning gets me pumped for my day!

2. Listen to Music

I’ve just made a new playlist for a novel that I’m writing and I’m obsessed with it. One of my goals for 2018 was to discover new music, and while writing my novel, I’ve done just that. (I’m writing a new novel, and it’s something unlike I’ve ever written.) I made a chill music playlist that features Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara, The Internet, Bryson Tiller, and a few more good vibes artists. A great way to discover new music is to go to your favorite artist and then scroll through the “more like this” section! I’m constantly listening to music, always having my headphones in. There’s nothing like your favorite jam to lift your spirits!

3. Read/Journal

As you guys know, I’ve returned to art journaling, channeling my emotions and becoming more in-tune with my anxiety and how to control it. I fully recommend starting an art journal. Art journaling has really helped me process my emotions, as well as keep me focused on my goals–whether they be personal, academic, or with blogging. Journaling has upped its game since our middle school days, and there are now more ways to get creative with journaling!

Ideally, my self-care days involve lots of reading. Though, since I’m very active in my junior year of college, finding time to read for fun is pretty hard. (But with all these snow days, I’ve been having plenty of time!) This week, I finished Every Day by David Levithan. If this book sounds familiar, I was raving about this book back during Christmastime last year. (See: what i got for christmas 2017) I felt a little teary when I finished the book, very sad to see it end, because I wanted it to keep going. I wanted there to be more adventures and more characters. I am over the moon that the movie comes out NEXT MONTH!

4. Go to the Movies

Movies and popcorn can instantly brighten my mood. On sad days, I go to the movies. On happy days, I go to the movies. On in-between days, I go to the movies. Last week, I headed to the movies alone to watch Paddington 2. The theatre was full of children under the age of ten. But it was the cutest story ever. There were moments that I did almost cry. But, I think attending Paddington 2 alone will probably be one of my favorite memories. I felt very independent, even though I was at a kids’ movies. Going to the movies takes your mind off of daily stresses, and for two hours, you can relax and laugh.

5. Shop

I know that being in college it’s important to budget, save money, and be careful not to overspend. Though, a little splurge on a little H&M is okay…every once and a while. While I don’t recommend every self-care day be dedicated to swiping your credit card (and most likely, I won’t be buying clothes for the next month), if you see something cute on your one-day-a-month shopping spree, pick it up. You deserve it. New clothes always help my confidence, and make me feel good about myself as I go throughout my day.

6. Hang Out with Friends

And the least expensive self-care method of all, hanging out with friends. I always find that hanging out with friends, or even talking to them while chilling in the dorm, can turn my day around. Vent to your friends. Tell them about what’s going on in your life. Laugh. Cry. Rant. Expressing yourself to those who’ll understand you is so crucial during college. It’s easy to neglect having social interactions, while the term papers and projects pile up. I’ve learned that planning hangouts are okay, because it’s the ones where my friends and I are like, “okay, let’s just go” are the more memorable ones. I recommend taking advantage of hanging out with people while you’re face-to-face with them, because you have them in that moment with no prior engagements. If they’re busy with homework, you can always find someone else in the school coffee shop or library to chill with. It certainly beats waiting around for their text, and then getting that, “sorry, can’t make it” message 5 minutes before you were supposed to meet.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! My goal for February is to write a mental health post each week. February solidifies winter, a time where the cold weather might bring you down. So, I was thinking to write three more mental health posts, sharing more tips and personal stories to let you know that you are not alone!

Comment down below how you like to spend your mental health days! 

stay as you are,

-hello ninetyseven







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