january jams playlist 2018

january jams playlist 2018.png

January has been quite the month: a month of self-realization, a new spark of creativity, realizing who to cut out of my life, trying new things, and constantly moving forward. The music for January has been chill R&B, easy electronic, and rap. Music this month helped me center, find stable ground, and defined both exciting and stressful moments that have occured this month. In January, I learned that I didn’t need people to define my success, my character, my ambitions, or my self-worth. I stopped seeking validation in those from my past. Instead of pondering about what went wrong, I reflected on the changes I noticed in people, and wished them all the best in their future endeavors. Many times this month, I had to stop, say positive things to myself, and realize that I was not the one who changed. It was instead those around me who’d lost their purpose. Therefore, I didn’t need them.

I worked hard in January–on both myself, my artwork, and my career. January brought a lot of firsts. This month was the first time I started printmaking, applied for a job outside of class, began dressing professionally, wearing makeup daily, and helping others in moderation. (This may sound harsh, but I had to learn the hard way that exerting yourself too much, and trying to help everyone at the same time, will only hurt yourself. ) On this journey of self-discovery, these are my top ten favorite songs that got me through.

  1. Lemon-N.E.R.D ft. Rihanna
  2. Meditation-GoldLink ft. Jasmine Sullivan & Kaytranada
  3. Winter-Khalid
  4. Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife-Sango ft. Xavier Omar
  5. Ninety-Jaden Smith
  6. No More-Pretty Much
  7. Goosebumps-Travis Scott
  8. Vivid Dreams- Kaytranada
  9. To the Max-DJ Khaled ft. Drake
  10. My My My!-Troye Sivan


While I’m not sad to see January go, I’m grateful that this month happened. It helped me focus. It helped me understand my purpose. It helped me realize the truth in others’ as well as my own truth.

Comment down below some of your favorite songs from January 2018. 

Also I’d like to announce that will be adding illustrations to my Etsy shop, which you can find here.

stay as you are,

-hello ninetyseven








4 thoughts on “january jams playlist 2018

  1. My My My was one of my January faves too! Along with the entire Greatest Showman soundtrack and Delicate by Taylor Swift.
    Definitely took a while before I got into it but now I love it when I want something chill on in the background. xx

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  2. Sounds like you have had a lot of learning in January its always nice to find some songs to help along the way. My new favourite song is ‘Strangers’ by Sigrid, I first hear of her on Friday and its been on repeat since!

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