what’s in my makeup bag 2018 | collab post with Ruby Captures

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Everyone has holy grail beauty products. Whether you’ve been using them since you were in middle school or last year, it’s hard to part from the products we love the most. So, they have a permanent place in our bag, and are replaced when half-empty. As someone who’s been on and off with makeup for years, I will admit that I am a bit skeptical when it comes to trying new products. But it’s 2018, guys, and you only live once. So my makeup bag is a mix of old and new, past and present makeup products that I’ve grown to love in a short (or long) time.

One of my favorite items that I received for Christmas is this super cute, rosy pink bag. I’m not sure where it’s from, but it literally holds everything. There’s a lot of deep pocket and elastic bands that provide easy storage for things like brushes. It’s also travel-friendly and lightweight. But my favorite part about this bag is not even the bag itself, the color, or the handy dandy pockets. It’s THE HANDLE. Yes, the handle. The thing that you grab to hold the bag. I’m not sure why I love this handle so much. Maybe because it’s not small, but sturdy. But I really appreciate this handle.

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I really love primer. I don’t know what it is about primer that I love so much: that it makes my face dewy, that I know my makeup will stay all day with it, or that it comes in really cool packaging. Not sure. But all four of these primers have been my go-tos since I started wearing makeup in high school. First, the Smashbox Primer Water is so refreshing to spray on my face. I also feel like I’m getting the job done each time I use it. It only takes a few seconds to dry, and then bam! My face suddenly becomes smooth and ready to go. (I just kinda hate the smell.)

The Smashbox 24 Hour Eye Shadow Primer is my all-time favorite eye primer, and I refuse to use anything else. I LOVE applying to this, and my eyeshadow really does last 24 hours without creasing or rubbing off. A little goes a long way with this primer.

I will admit that I buy too much of the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I insisted on buying a new one this season after Christmas, then I went to back to college, went through my storage unit, and found that there was indeed another in my old makeup bag from last year. Does anyone else do this: overbuy makeup and find extras lying around in random places? Nope, just me.

Lastly, Benefit. MY ONE TRUE LOVE. I cannot get enough of the Benefit Porefessional Primer, so much so, that I indeed found another Porefessional Primer after buying a larger size at Ulta over winter break. As someone with visible pores, I find that this best covers them and creates a smooth canvas for foundation. It also lasts all day and I’ve used this since high school, so I hope Benefit never changes the formula.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
Smashbox 24-Hour Shadow Primer
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Benefit Porefessional Face Primer


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For my foundation, I just started using the Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation in the color #3. I was using the Smashbox Liquid Halo foundation, but I believe that it became discontinued. It was my favorite until I started using this one. The wear is about fifteen hours and I believe it. I can literally wear this foundation all day and it doesn’t take a lot for this foundation to have a lot of coverage. I only use four little dabs on my face and that’s all!

The Benefit Cosmetics Pore Kit is something that I’m completely new to. I usually stay away from powders, balms, and hi-lighter. But this was a Christmas gift, and while I’m appreciative of it, I’m still very new at using anything other than my holy grails. So far, I’ve only used the Porefessional License to Blot balm and I give it a thumbs up. My skin is very dry, and though this is for oily skin, I do find that my dry patches don’t peek through my foundation. (I will try out the other products very soon.)

I had no idea that H&M had beauty products until last month when I was cruising through their website. As someone who’s always had wild eyebrows, I made a duty that 2018 was the year I invested in some eyebrow gel. I like this one because it’s not bulky, it’s super inexpensive, and the packaging is aeshetically-pleasing. It’s only $7.99, but you can definitely base the price off of the quality. The eyebrow brush is pretty harsh and abrasive, so it takes some getting used to when you’re applying gel for the first time. I also find that I have to smooth it out with my finger after it’s applied. I’m kinda on the fence with this product.

Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation (#3)
Benefit Cosmetics Pore Kit
H&M Brow Shaping Gel



The same goes for the H&M Maxamalist Mascara. I was hoping that this mascara focused more on length, rather than volume. But, this is a pretty voluminous mascara. What I do like about this, though, is that it’s not heavy and has a long-wear.

I have heard wonderful things about the Tartelette Tease Clay Eyeshadow Palette, so I wasn’t hesitant to use this palette. I love how compact it is, because most palettes are long and don’t fit in most bags, like the Gigi Hadid Jetsetter palette. I love the colors: how there’s a beautiful range of roses and beiges. I also LOVE the purple and pink packaging and the built-in mirror. I find this palette to be one of my favorites, even though I haven’t used it yet. I’m already impressed.

Eco-Tools brushes were the first I’ve ever purchased. Though I usually just use the brushes that come with the palettes, since this one is so small, I decided to go back to old faithful Eco-Tools and purchased a duo brush. (I haven’t used it yet, but I felt the bristles, and they’re so soft.)

Lastly, I have my Benefit Brow Setter. Since I’m still using up my H&M one, I’m just waiting for it to run out to use the Benefit one!

H&M Maxamalist Mascara
Tartelette Tease Clay Eyeshadow Palette
Eco Tools Eye Enhancing Duo Set
Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

ELF Mad for Matte 4 Piece Lipstick Set
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Fruit Mix

Burt’s Bees…The OG lip balm. I first encountered Burt’s Bees LAST Christmas when my mom got me a facial cleanser + lip balm set. I fell in love, and would like to say that Burt was my first love. I was watching the news and saw that beeswax is IN for milennials, and lipstick is starting to go out of style. I’m personally not a fan of lipstick, so I agree with this. Burt’s Bees is truly my favorite of all time because it immediately transforms dry chapped lips to smooth hydrated lips. For now, I have only tried the pomegranate one (pink) and I’ve been using the coconut one (white) since freshman year of college. So, I’m excited to try the other flavors.

I quickly tested the Elf lip colors and I liked how easily they applied, but I found them to be thin at first. Maybe it was just the color that I used!

Thank you so much for reading this post! It was for some reason very difficult to begin and took me about two weeks to finish it!

This is also a collab post with my wonderful blogging friend, Ruby! She has the same post, so please check out what’s in her makeup bag as well! Ruby’s post goes up on January 20, so be sure not to miss it!





stay as you are,

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  1. Firstly, that makeup bag is really cute and convenient! Secondly, these kinda posts are so interesting to read because i’m nosey and love seeing what holy grail products people use, interestingly i’ve never tried any of those products apart from the porefessional and I didn’t like it!! Lovely post x

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