new year’s eve/holiday party lookbook 2017

holiday party lookbook (2)

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Meaning that, we have to bring in the new year with our style on point and our confidence on 100. Whether you’ll be attending a conservative family party or want to let loose a little at a friend’s gathering, I’m sure that you’ll want to look your best. While it would be a true Christmas miracle for me to get invited to a New Year’s party this year, (*fingers crossed*) I wanted to share some cute outfit ideas to rock while you dance–or sip non-alcoholic apple cider–your way into 2018.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetLately, I have been loving wearing over-the-knee socks. I truly can’t get enough of them, and I think they can be paired with anything. If it is a little cooler where you live, I recommend wearing these fleece-lined tights from Urban Outfitters under the socks to keep you nice and toasty while commuting to and from the holiday party. These tights are my go-tos if I’m wearing high socks. As you know, my palette for this season is baby pink, black, and grey. I’m literally obsessed with this frayed, rosy skirt from Forever 21. I LOVE the buttons on the front, it’s lightweight, and I also really appreciated the length and fit. It’s not too short and revealing. But it’s high-waisted and fits in all of the right places. As for my top, it is actually a dress. While the dress is a cute charcoal skater dress from Forever 21 (online, only plus sizes are available!), I felt like it needed something a little more. So, I decided to tuck it into my skirt. If only I didn’t have to roll up the end of the dress to have it stay under the skirt…if you do decide to sport this look, I would recommend finding a top that is similar to the dress, instead of folding it under the skirt, like I did. HAHA!


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Does anyone get Wednesday Aadams vibes from this? I do. I’ve always wanted a collared dress ever since I discovered Zoella back in 2014. (Search Zoella collared dress, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.) Collared shirts and dresses are so classy, adorable, and suit any look. My dress is from Forever 21. I think this dress is the perfect length for a holiday party. The pattern is cute and fun. It can be fancied up with a cardigan and thigh-high boots, or kept casual with some ballet flats. I also love this dress because it doesn’t have a season, so I will definitely be wearing this during the summer. I posted this picture on Instagram, and you guys seemed to love it as much as I do. Go snag one from the Forever 21 website before they are gone! (It’s under $20!!)



As soon as I saw this dress on the Forever 21 website–which is currently sold out :(–I knew that I had to have it. One of my friends from Hong Kong and I were always making jokes about dresses with pockets, all of the things we could fit in the pockets, and we would be fine with wearing pocketed dresses for the rest of our lives. The pockets are nice and deep. I can hold at least my phone and a lip balm in them–all of the essentials. At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of the puffy sleeves, but now I have grown to love them. This dress is something I can’t get enough of and I feel so comfortable in it!


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I am SO in love with mustard this season. Now, that I’m pinning at least 50 pins three times a day on Pinterest, I am actually taking advantage of the outfits I see on there. As an attempt to recreate the outfits myself, I paired this mustard puff sleeve tee from Forever 21, along with this plaid skirt that’s also Forever 21 (I think it’s sold out online.) The shirt is a bit cropped and ends at the start of the skirt, but I tucked it in a little to make the outfit look neater. This season, as I’ve discussed quite a few times, I really want to tap into trends, but also my aesthetic. Patterns with solid colors are something that I’m beginning to enjoy.



Sophia Amoruso, anyone? I’m not going to lie…I feel pretty fierce in this jacket. I love the jacket for the pattern, the fit, and of course, the pockets! At first, I was hesitant about the frilly sleeves, but I’ve already worn this jacket about four times so, I hardly notice the frills now. Actually, I think the frills make the jacket look more chic. Both the jacket and sweater are from Forever 21, and my black jeans are from H&M. I LOVE the fuzzy sweater, and the sleeves have cute thumb holes to keep your hands warm. Out of all of the looks, this one is probably my favorite. Each time I post a picture, you guys always comment how you love this jacket! So now, we can match!!

Thank you so much for reading!

Comment below which look is your favorite + if you have any NYE plans to welcome 2018!

stay as you are,

-hello ninetyseven







32 thoughts on “new year’s eve/holiday party lookbook 2017

    1. It’s such a relaxing color, but I’m not sure why. Awww thank you! It’s my favorite dress ever! I tried to link the clothes down below so that we could all be matching lol (I can’t follow you for some reason because your profile isn’t loading.)


    1. Oh thank you!! I feel the most confident in those. I wasn’t sure if these were okay because they weren’t sparkly and flashily like what people usually wear on NYE, so I really appreciate this, Maria! 🤗

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