december 2017 playlist: songs that i’ve been loving this december

december playlist (3)

December is a month that I always look forward to–because of the Christmas cheer, the possibility of getting snow on any given day, and the exception of sitting in my house in a onesie without getting questioned. From the days of elementary school winter break to now, I always see December as a month to rest, whether it be sleeping, working on a creative project, or literally doing nothing. (On Christmas break during the younger years, I’d always managed to write a short story before going back in January.) But since starting college, I’ve been using winter breaks as a time to reflect on what I’m grateful for and begin to steer myself in a different direction…

About a week ago, I sat down a made a full list (in brown ink) of everything that I was grateful for. The list included, but was not limited to: studying abroad in Hong Kong, my heath, ability to spend on both needs and wants, Atlanta and my friends there, finding myself in blogging again, Governor’s Ball 2017, seeing Dave Chappelle live with Childish Gambino, and landing my first ever job! I realized that I am extremely blessed and 2017 proved to me that I could be spontaneous, and that spontaneity is on my side. 2017 also taught me that it’s okay to wait until I’m ready, and once I’m ready, I will know. 2017 was the year of big changes: from my first breakup, to my first job, to my first time understanding my own anxiety. But it’s been the specific month of December that has shown me the most clarity, and put everything into a perspective. I have a wonderful life that’s doused in rose-gold. It’s filled with music, friends, and chocolate. Sometimes things in this life may morph into an anxious haze, but I truly wouldn’t want anyone else’s life but my own.

To celebrate my finding clarity this month, here is a LIT playlist of all of the songs I jammed to throughout December:

  1. Ain’t Nobody Takin’ My Baby-Russ
  2. Tell Me You Love Me-Demi Lovato
  3. Be Your Girl-Teedra Moses (Kaytranada Edition)
  4. To the Max-DJ Khaled (ft. Drake)
  5. End Game-Taylor Swift (ft. Future + Ed Sheeran)
  6. Gone-Snakehips (ft. Syd)
  7. Fall in Love-GoldLink (ft. Cisnero)
  8. Santa’s Coming for Us-Sia
  9. Lose It-Flume (ft. Vic Mensa)
  10. Magnets-Disclosure (ft. Lorde) [A-Trax Remix]

*Bonus track: 8TEEN-Khalid


I may forget–most likely, I will–to upload “a year in review” post, so here’s a mini year in review. I’m also beyond grateful for the love, support, and kindness spread throughout the blogging community. I see it every single day, through every tweet and post. I really couldn’t imagine a world where I didn’t blog, so I know that blogging and I will have a tight-knit relationship. I’m thankful for my blogging friends on Twitter, who always like my tweets and posts…there are too many of you to name in one go. I am grateful for just this year and this life. (And also the amount of times I’ve seen Trevor Jackson on my television screen.)

Thinking about changing my signature at the end of my posts. Before it was: get lost. get foundBut I have a good feeling that I won’t be lost in 2017. If you have any cool, aesthetic mottos you’d like to share, please do!

Thanks for reading.








11 thoughts on “december 2017 playlist: songs that i’ve been loving this december

    1. Thank you so much! Ah!! I love how supportive you are! I always try to do a little reflection in my music posts because while I’m thinking about the songs I loved, I have to also include what I learned. You are the best.

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