diy festive holiday/winter treats


The festive vibes are officially here!

I have put away my fall decor and brought out the Christmas lights. I’ve traded my fall dresses for a green parka. Hot chocolate has become the new herbal tea. Even though I was born during the spring, I will admit that I am a winter baby. I love winter. From the fashion to the possibility of getting snow, winter is my favorite season. While it does it get darker earlier, I love the cozy vibes that sitting by the fire and watching Christmas movies bring. Besides Christmas movies, I came up with four holiday/winter snacks to enjoy this winter season that I am pretty much obsessed with!

Hot Cocoa + Candy Canes

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About two years ago, I discovered the French Vanilla Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa mix and ever since then, I cannot wait until the winter season when this flavor comes back around. I’m also IN LOVE with this packaging. These packets also can be used as cute ornaments for your Christmas tree. They can also be used for holiday decorations or stocking stuffers! Remember the golden days when you’d have a Christmas party at your elementary school? Then, you’d always get a personalized card with a candy cane on it?? I am not a big fan of peppermint candy canes, but the Starburst candy canes…AH! So yummy. I think I had these for the first time in middle school, and then when I went into Rite-Aid a few weeks ago, I literally squealed in the aisle. My mom was cracking up!

Banana Bread

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Banana bread is my favorite holiday treat! Though banana bread can be made at any time, the transition from fall and winter is the perfect time to make this cozy snack. Sometimes, I like eating banana bread by itself with just butter. Other times, I love dipping it into my mom’s vegetable beef stew. It is something we like to do–me making the banana bread and her making the stew–as a way to come together as a family. I use the Pillsbury Banana Bread mix. It’s super easy and fun to do. You only need 1 cup of water, 1/4 cup of oil, 2 eggs, and the mix! You can find it at Target along with the recipe. (Can we please talk about these super cute napkins from Target. You can find them here!)

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Sherbert + Soda

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Every Thanksgiving my mom makes a sherbert punch. It’s simply rainbow sherbert and ginger ale, but a very refreshing treat. I enjoy this every single year, and can’t get enough of it. It’s probably not the most healthy treat, but it’s something nice to eat after lunch or dinner!

Christmas Cookies

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Who loves Christmas cookies?! I certainly do! I hardly ever go for the store-bought Christmas cookies. I think it’s because I like taking the responsibility of baking them myself. You’ve probably seen these before, but the Pillsbury Shape Christmas Cookies are truly the best ones. If these don’t put you in the Christmas mood, I’m not sure what will. I love how small they are, because I don’t feel guilty for eating more than one. I am also obsessed with the Christmas tree pattern on front. Though, the only problem I have with these cookies are that they are super yummy straight out of the oven, but they harden as they cool. I sort of miss the gooey softness after about twenty minutes of cooling. Overall, still my favorite cookie!

Thank you so much for reading!

Comment down below your favorite winter/holiday treats! (Also thank you for voting in my Twitter poll for the title of this post!)

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      1. I have to say the Christmas cookies! They look so good too! And also the sound of that hot chocolate with the vanilla sounds good – I’ll have to be on the look out for it 😋😋

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