how to take care of your skin in autumn/winter | autumn to winter skincare routine

autumn skincare routine

Now that the air is chiller, it’s time to take a little extra care with our skin! Whether you have oily or dry skin (me), it’s important that we don’t forget about our skin while running around trying to find the perfect gift. From previous posts, some products may look familiar, since they are my holy grails. Yet, I’ve added a few new products to make sure my skin is at its finest when I start classes again next quarter.

Cleanse + Moisturize

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If you’ve been reading since my blog started in August, you may recognize these Clean and Clear products from my pamper routine post! I’ve been using Clean and Clear since I was a freshmen in high school, and now I’m a junior in college. I have never had an issue with a Clean and Clear product because they are so gentle, and I honestly feel the day’s dirt is washed away whenever I use the Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. I used to swear by the citrus flavor, but once I discovered the cucumber flavor, it’s impossible to turn back. I also use the C&C acne toner, which dries pimples in a day. I swear! I love my Ponds moisturizer because it is thick, tacky, keeps my dry skin hydrated all day!

Oatmeal + Soak

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When I was a kid, I had really bad eczema, and struggled with dry skin ever since then. I will admit though, I pretty much abandoned my skin all through middle and high school, and up until this winter break, I used to lotion-and-go. I didn’t realize in all of that ignoring, my skin was actually damaged, and not just dry, until I went to Hong Kong this past fall quarter. *SLIGHTLY GRAPHIC BEWARE* Long story short, while I was in Hong Kong, I ended up developing a psoriasis-like rash on my arms and neck. Almost every night in Hong Kong, my skin was itching, burning, cracked, and patchy. It’s something that is extremely painful. I went to a doctor who recommended that I go beyond lotion and start using oatmeal again for my skin.

So, since coming back home, I’ve been working on my skin. There’s a health food store near my house that sells natural soap and colloidal oatmeal, which I put into my bath every day. Now that I’ve begun exercising again (how to stay fit during winter break), I am more conscious of muscle aches and the importance of resting after a workout. So, along with the oatmeal, I also add in this muscle relaxing salt! It’s a beautiful green color that smells like a spa–it’s made from eucalyptus and spearmint. It’s my favorite way to wind down these days!

Water + Zinc

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It’s really important, at any time of the year, to stay hydrated and take vitamins. Over the years, I taken either iron or Vitamin C tablets, but never zinc. (Flintstones Gummies all the way!) I think if I had been taking zinc at a young age, my skin would definitely be in a better condition. But I’m seeing this “rash” as a way to self-improve, and it’s never too late to do so! I’ve noticed so much improvement in my skin, while taking these zinc lozenges. It’s actually amazing. My skin is clearing up already, and I’ve been taking these for less than a week! Zinc also supports your immune system, works as an anti-infammatory, helps with acne, and strengthens your bones!

Comment down below what your autumn skincare routine is!

I’m excited for future posts, because I’m going to be focusing more on fashion! I just ordered some super cute pieces from Forever21 that I can’t wait to show off. Hopefully with the Black Friday sales, Forever21 will not put anything on back order because I’m so pumped for my new winter clothing! (Does anyone else have that fear?)

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Happy late Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

-hello ninety seven


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