struck by sham shui po

struck by sham shui po (1)IMG_0123IMG_0094IMG_0156IMG_0154IMG_0276IMG_0147IMG_0261IMG_0215IMG_0198IMG_0159IMG_9997

Today made for another adventurous day in Hong Kong. We took a class trip to downtown/Sham Shui Po to explore, and photograph for our project due next week. We were shooting for both fun and a purpose, in that, our photographs had to be imitations of well-known photographers’ photographs. The photographer I chose was Dapper Lou, a Haitian fashion photographer. I really love Dapper Lou’s high contrast and strong whites. After about an hour of Lightroom editing, I think I’ve taken some photographs that are pretty close to his style. This one above was specifically a replication of a shot from his Master the Light collection, a photo journal for Hugo Boss. I’ve been following Dapper Lou for around two years now, so I had to pay homage to him.

I hope that you enjoyed this little photography post. Lately, many of you have been loving these types of posts, and I am always happy/excited to post new photography projects. (I’m titling this series Lou’s Way. ) I honestly can’t get enough of street photography, and I’m so obsessed with photographing a minimalistic sky against a building. So aesthetic.

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Thank you so much for reading!

get lost. get found. 

-hello ninetyseven


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      1. It is–in Hong Kong dollars (HKD). When converted to American dollars, things are very cheap. But in Hong Kong dollars, it’s outrageous. Eating at a restaurant is about $100/200 HKD, each time. I usually spend $500 HKD grocery shopping. But it’s better off to grocery shop!

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