autumn goals | how i plan to conquer fall 2017

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It is officially October! October is probably one of my favorite months, because fall goes into full swing and the autumnal vibes are alive. I’m a little sad, though, that I’ll be missing out on the autumnal vibes from home. In Hong Kong, there’s pretty much one season–summer–and I highly doubt I’ll be seeing any leaves changing around here. Yet, I have high hopes that when I return home for holiday break, I’ll have just a small taste of fall. (I return at the end of November and stay home until early January.) A new season means new goals, and these are some of mine:

Start wearing vintage.

Lately, the ’70’s culture/aesthetic is something I’ve been digging lately. As a result of this, I’ve been gravitating toward thrifted clothing. I love the look of mom jeans and chunky mustard sweaters. Thin-framed aviator glasses and white Converses are on my autumn wishlist. One of my style icons is Marla Catherine, a young YouTuber from Utah. I can’t get enough of her thrifted lookbooks/vlogs chronicling her trips to Goodwill. She has the coolest style. When I go back home, I’m going to start selling some pieces on my Depop, and get lost in some thrift shops.


Rest and self-care more.

This is something I’ve been practicing a lot while I’m here in Hong Kong. I’ve been resting as much as I can. Getting up early, doing as much as possible, and then resting at night. I’ve been trying to get the most of my days without tiring myself. I practice self-care daily by putting a little extra pizzaz in my shower routine (I condition my hair/deep condition once I’m out of the shower), and I’m more confident in my appearance knowing I’ve taken an extra step in the morning. Though once I am home, I plan to practice more self-care, doing more of what makes me happy, using calming techniques, etc. to fully self-care. For now, I pick my outfits based off of my confidence level–not the current trend–, put a little more effort into my hair, and sleep when I’m tired, not when I’m finished working.

Understand make-up.

Make-up is still something that’s very foreign to me. I went through a period in my life where I was investing in every Smashbox product on the market. Then, I decided that make-up wasn’t for me, after I realized I was obsessing over techniques and why I just couldn’t get it. My face has been make-up free for about two years. I even stopped using tinted lip balms since I started studying abroad. But when I get home, I know there will be a Sephora waiting for me. This time around, I want to start out small, buying a few products here and there. I want to build my make-up collection, instead of trying to start one ASAP. I also want to be more careful in the products I choose, because I have sensitive skin that dries easily. Overall, I want to take baby steps back into make-up before the season ends.

Invest in a camera + lenses

As you probably know, I had the honor of shooting with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV recently (check out my how to take artsy photographs + instagram hacks post to see some of my photos!). It is such a beautiful camera I would love to own one day. While I did mention in the post, it is best to take advantage if your college has a free camera rental service, there’s nothing like owning your own camera. The Mark IV is a camera I would adore to own, as well as a 50mm lens. Between selling clothes and saving during the school year, I hope that I will be able to invest in at least a 50mm lens, because those are truly the best kind. Have you seen the aperture on those things?

I’ve never done a text post before. I hope that you liked it. I enjoy reading other bloggers’ seasonal goals, so I decided to have a go at a post like this. If you enjoyed it, please let me know by leaving a comment down below.

Also comment a goal you have for Autumn 2017!

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20 thoughts on “autumn goals | how i plan to conquer fall 2017

    1. Ooh the Mark IV is my favorite so far. Though I used to be an avid Mark iii user and that was the only camera I used for a while. I do agree it’s pretty big, but do always be open to use the next model because the small changes are incredible. I just learned the Mark IV has touch screen and wifi! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are such wonderful goals! I am also trying to practice self care and rest a tiny bit more on a regular basis, and invest in new makeup/skincare products after neglecting both of them for quite some time. Also, that camera seems wonderful – I have a DSLR at the moment but have been thinking of investing in a new one some time soon, as having an amazing camera of your own is definitely a joy:) Great post as always! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rest is so important! Once you find a solid makeup brand please let me know! I used to love Smashbox, but now not so much. It’s always best to improve and keep upgrading your camera, just because new cameras are always changing. Thanks for reading!!


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