getting lost & found in prince edward

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If it was a blur, did it even happen?

Today was quite the adventure.

I woke up, only having thirty minutes to get ready because I slept in after staying up until midnight studying for a math test. I was a little nervous for the test, but after taking it, I was relieved that my teacher said I was doing well…but I should study just a little harder. I then played ping-pong with my friend Maddy, took a nap in a sleeping pod, and then decided to take on Hong Kong alone. I had one mission in mind: get cash at a functioning ATM.

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Long story short, the Moovit app failed me tremendously. It took me through a really shady neighborhood full of men, who were just standing around smoking cigarettes. I kept passing the same street over and over again. Walking around in circles, I was on the brink of giving up. As the panic gurgled in my chest, I took a breath, and opened up GoogleMaps. Turned out that I was no where near the bank. The bank was two miles away.

So, I walked, focusing on everything except being lost. The dilapadated and quiet streets  turned to a bustling city with neon lights and railcars. I took a rest at the designated “rest area”, a place made specifically for sitting. There was a cute sign that said, “take a break.” My break was indeed much-needed. I couldn’t help but admire the cute fountain that wrapped around the park, and wonder what stories lied within the beautiful architecture in front of me.

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With a little cash in my wallet, and food in my stomach after stopping at my favorite “fast food-chain” (Cafe de Coral is not actually a fast-food restaurant. It’s far from McDonald’s or Taco Bell. The atmosphere is relaxing. Dishes range from pork + rice to duck soup. I had the pleasure of eating the pork, duck, + rice. While I’m not a huge fan of duck, I loved the pork. Sorry for not taking a picture, the lighting was horrible.), I attempted to find the MTR station. It was at this moment that I realized I could’ve taken the MTR station one stop from school instead of walking 2.5 hours, but otherwise, it was a fun experience.

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On the way back to the station, I stumbled across the cutest street filled with plants. I couldn’t believe it. There were so many stands of plants, succulents, full-sized cacti, flowers, hydrangeas, and so much more. I’m not sure if this location has an actual name, but if you do find yourself in Hong Kong, be sure to stop by this lovely street. It’s across the street from the Prince Edward MTR station. It’s definetly worth seeing!

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This adventure continues as my friend brings me back McDonalds while I’m writing this post. The plan for tonight is just chill and binge-watch Rick and Morty after such a long day. (I’m also making a point that we watch the Logic episode of Rick and Morty first to kick of the marathon.)

I’m thinking about doing a study tips post for next week. Though, the feedback for my travel posts are incredible. Thank you, but I’m not sure! Please let me know by commenting below.

get lost. get found. 

-hello ninetyseven (@helloninetyseven)


12 thoughts on “getting lost & found in prince edward

  1. I love your insights into Hong Kong! The rest area sounds so cute! And a sleeping pod? I need one, lol. I’m glad that you seem to be doing well so far — that you’ve made friends and your teacher is encouraging. Thanks for sharing your adventures and your gorgeous photos. x

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    1. Aww thank you so much! This was a super spontaneous post, so to have great feedback on it is incredible! Thank your for the sweet comments and no need to change your blog, it all comes with time. But if you’d like me to do a blogging tips post, I’d be more than happy to share!


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