minimalistic back to school lookbook

minimalistic back to schoolhaul-4

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Back to school season is in full effect, and that means the back to school sales are alive and well. I’ve been wanting to change up my style for a couple of months, but just didn’t know how. A few thrifting and haul videos later, I have found that my style has evolved into a more feminine/sporty chic. I don’t mind. Forever21, H&M, and Macy’s had some incredible deals this past weekend. I scored the two plain shirts for $3 at Forever21 and $9 at H&M. The deals this weekend were incredible.

I can’t really choose a favorite outfit because I adore them all. But I think the outfit I’m most comfortable in is the striped shirt and skirt from H&M. I’ve never owned a skater skirt before, but have always admired them. I get Parisian vibes from this outfit, which is perfect since I’m teaching myself French right now. Haha. I’m also a sucker for a ringer tee and a striped dress, though. The most “daring” outfit for me is the last one because I usually don’t wear suede skirts. But I feel so confident in it.

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-hello ninetyseven.

look one: h&m dress

look two: calvin klein top // f21 leggings

look three: h&m top // pacsun jeans

look four: h&m top + skirt

look five: h&m tank top // f21 top + leggings

look six: f21 top + skirt

*please excuse my outlets*


27 thoughts on “minimalistic back to school lookbook

  1. These outfits are so cute! Ahh I wish we did’t have to wear uniform in school 😦 But ahh I love minimalistic stuff. I love your posts, can’t wait to see more! xx


  2. This is irrelevant to your post but I had no alternative way to message you! I was basically just seeking some advice as to how to get my blog more out there? I try to be consistent with posts but I have the smallest amount of followers and I’m struggling to get many visitors at all. How do you consistently interact and gain visitors/followers? I read that interaction is important, I’m trying but its hard and I don’t know the best way to go about it in order to gain! Thankyou in advance xxxx

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    1. Hi this is such a great question! Do basically in the beginning, I made it a duty to follow at least 10 blogs of day, commenting, reading, and getting to know those that I followed. I always interact with them by replying back to comments or encouraging a discussion at the end of each post, like how YouTubers do. I was in your place, so I understand the struggle. The best way is to follow blogs your interested in and keep commenting and following new blogs along the way. You’ll keep growing! (I also search the lifestyle tag to find great blogs and new ones to follow!)


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